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What Are Some Of The Best Ad Plugins For WordPress?

If you own a WordPress blog or site, then you know that one of the ways of monetizing it is through running ads. With the right ad plugins for WordPress, it’s easy to optimize your site and make that dream come true. Here’s an overview of some of the best ad plugins for WordPress.

1. Ads Pro Plugin

Nowadays, many digital marketers incur substantial losses because some desktop users install ad blockers. So, with a plugin that bypasses those ad blockers, you can start regaining up to 25% of your lost revenue.

That’s why smart digital marketers and bloggers on WordPress prefer using Ads Pro Plugin to display ads on their sites. The tool allows you to display ads in more than 20 different positions including background ads and sliders.

Moreover, the tool comes with over 25 unique ad templates to help you avoid damaging your blog’s user experience when displaying ads. In addition, you can take advantage of the tool’s front-end interface to accept direct ad spot purchases from advertisers.

It also allows you to split-test different ad formats or designs to know the types of ads that have the highest earning potential.

2. Insert Post Ads

This is the best tool for bloggers who want to automate the process of adding ads to their WordPress blog posts. This means that you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out how to best display ads in your posts. You can configure the tool’s settings to allow it to insert ads after a specific number of paragraphs.

This also means that you can display multiple ads in a single blog post. You simply create a captivating ad that has an ad code and specify the number of paragraphs and the tool will do the rest. You need a customized HTML and a third-party ad code to insert your hosted ads.

3. AdRotate

This is a powerful full-service advertising solution that works almost the same way as Ads Pro Plugin. Even with AdRotate’s free version, you can manage your hosted banner ads and third-party ads from reputable networks such as DoubleClick, Google AdSense and Chitika, among others.

In order to monitor the performance of your ads on your WordPress blog, you need to track different ad groups or monitor the number of clicks/impressions of your ads. Alternatively, you can run impression and click capping or set up basic schedules of certain ads. Premium users, on the other hand, can benefit from geo-targeting options and the ability to set more detailed ad schedules.

In addition, you can set up a PayPal payment system in case you need to sell ad spots directly to advertisers. The tool also allows you to sync up certain ads to various user accounts in order to give advertisers personalized performance statistics.

4. AdSanity

AdSanity has a visual editor that allows users to use the ad inserter button and various widgets to insert ads on their sites. This means that you can add ads in any spots of your choice on the WordPress site. The tool supports Google AdSense and hosted ads.

It also comes with other helpful features such as ad groups, ad scheduling and monitor views or stats, among others. Use the post editor’s button to add ads with shortcodes and widgets.

The tool also lets you insert ad blocks in some of your WordPress site’s posts. This means that you don’t have to edit certain theme files so you can insert ad codes when optimizing the performance of your ads.

Final Thoughts On The Best Ad Plugins For WordPress

Even with great, valuable content, you can’t make money with your WordPress site if you’re not running ads. By default, WordPress themes don’t allow you to display ads. But, with these ad management plugins for WordPress, it’s much easier and faster to increase your ad revenue.