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6 Blogger Resources You Need To Use

Running a blog about your expertise, hobby or business is a great way of boosting your online presence. But, if you want to thrive online with your blogging, you need a few blogger resources to support your course. Here are six top blogger resources you need to consider.

1. Blogging Platforms

Many established bloggers on the web use different blogging platforms for their blogs. is the most popular platform for advanced bloggers. Other free blogging platforms to consider include Blogger (owned by Google) and

Furthermore, with a blogging platform, you don’t need to learn complex coding languages to start building your blog from scratch.

2. Hosting

Bloggers have access to a wide range of hosting services. BlueHost is a reputable hosting service provider for both first-time and seasoned bloggers. Moreover, the company periodically offers amazing discounts on their various pricing plans.

For instance, ProBlogger readers get a special discount when they purchase BlueHost web hosting services.

WordPress and other reputable brands in the blogging community recommend BlueHost as the most reliable hosting service provider. Therefore, the hosting service provider you choose will act as the home for your blog.

Therefore, you must choose a credible hosting service to ensure your blog is constantly online.

3. Blog Design/Themes

Bloggers who use WordPress have access to thousands of free and paid themes. Only choose a theme that is updated regularly to ensure your blog is hack-proof. StudioPress is one of the most trusted premium theme suppliers you should consider for your blog. The company has great templates and a super friendly support team.

4. Graphic Design Tools

With great graphic design tools in your arsenal, you can always design amazing visuals for your blogs. Canva is perfect for creating amazing graphics for your social media graphics.

You can also consider PicMonkey for your blog’s visual content. Another great graphic design tool for bloggers is 24slides for creating keynotes and PowerPoints.

5. Email Marketing Tools

In order to create and launch email marketing campaigns for your blogs, you need reliable email service providers. Advanced bloggers who want to monetize their blogs should consider using Drip.

First-time bloggers can try ConvertKit to supercharge their email marketing strategies. For designing landing pages, you should use tools such as Leadpages, BuilderAll and ClickFunnels.

6. Social Media Management Tools

Automation in blogging is the key to success. As a blogger, you need the right social media management tools to automate your social media marketing efforts. With the right tools, you won’t waste valuable hours of your time trying to create and post content on social media networks.

AgoraPulse will help you schedule your posting and track the performance of your social media posts. You can also manage your editorial calendar and social media messaging with CoSchedule.

This is a great tool for bloggers on the WordPress blogging platform. In addition, you can revolutionize the way you approach your social media marketing strategies with a tool called Edgar.

Final Thoughts On Blogger Resources

Starting a blog is very easy. But, running a successful blog that is considered a go-to-resource by your target audience requires some know-how and certain blogger tools. Depending on your specific needs and budget, you can invest in one or more of the aforementioned tools to support your blogging career.