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Tips For Lowering The Cost Of Google Ads & Increasing Conversion Rates

Google ads have several benefits to offer your business including generating more traffic and leads, increasing brand awareness, retargeting on websites that use banner ads and many more. However, in order to enjoy these benefits you’ll need to find ways to lower the cost of Google ads and ensure that they’re increasing your conversion rates.

Here are a few tips to help you bring down the cost of advertising on Google and ensure that you have the conversion rates you need to grow your business.

Choose Low Bid Keywords

Some keywords are extremely competitive and have a high cost per click. CPC is simply the rate you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. It’s calculated by dividing the total amount you spend by the number of clicks per ad.

To lower the CPC you need to bid on non competitive keywords or choose the ones with low bids. Further, ensure that you use negative keywords in order to ensure that your ad does not end up in irrelevant search results and lower your click through rate.

Schedule Your Ads

Google has a feature that allows you to schedule your ads and choose to run them on certain days. If your budget is tight, you’ll not be able to have your ads run all the time so you need to choose days and hours when you would like them to be viewed.

For maximum effectiveness and increased conversion, ensure that you show your ads on days and during times when your target customers are most likely to view them.

Improve Your Quality Score

Google looks at a number of factors when determining your quality score. These include keywords, quality of landing pages, click through rate, previous Google ad performance and even the ad itself.

You will typically receive a score between one and ten. A good quality score will result in a lower CPC because Google tends to reward users with a high quality score.

Therefore, you can lower your cost by up to 50% if you have a quality score of 10. There are several ways to improve your quality score and these include refining the text of your ad, conducting keyword research, optimizing your landing pages and organizing your keywords.

Proactively Add New Keywords

Use the search terms report to actively find new keywords to use in your campaign. In addition, look at what keywords are receiving positive impressions in the last month or so. Then, ensure you include them in your ad.

Finally, make sure that the new keywords you’re using are relevant to the product or service you’re promoting. This is in order to increase your click through rate (CTC).

Final Thoughts On How To Lower The Cost Of Google Ads

Google ads have many advantages to offer businesses. The key to using them effectively lies in conducting proper keyword research. It also involves writing relevant and compelling ads, controlling your CPC and taking steps to increase CTC.

Lowering your CPC is one of the more effective ways to ensure your Google ads produce the results you want. Plus, it will ensure that your ads have a high conversion rate.

By raising your quality score, adding new keywords, scheduling your ads and using a few simple strategies, you can lower CPC. This will ensure that whatever you’re paying for brings you the conversion rates that you’re looking for.