how to add text to pictures

How To Add Text To Pictures: Some Top Tools You Can Use

In order to make your pictures more impactful, you need to edit them and add engaging text. There are several easy-to-use online tools you can rely on to add text to your pictures. Here are 4 top tools to use and a quick guide on how to add text to pictures.

1. Lunapic

Although this is a free tool for adding text to pictures, it’s designed with a surplus of editing features including filters and effects, among others. You can either click on the Draw menu or use the Text icon on the homepage to access the text editor. Once you insert your text, you can proceed to changing colors and choose the perfect font for your photos.

If you’re satisfied with the changes you’ve made, click on the Apply Text option and the Save Image option on the File menu for the text to be added and saved to your pictures. Lunapic is great for beginners, not experienced photo editors.

2. AddText

This is another free option for adding text to your pictures. Even if you don’t have any previous experience, the process of learning how to use the tool’s interface will take a few minutes. In addition, the photo editor offers users free photos to edit and add text to.

But, in case you have your own photos on your computer, you simply drag them directly into the editor to get started. Proceed to type your preferred text into the text box and begin to edit.

The tool allows you to add more than one text box to your pictures through its More Text icon. This is a great online tool for creating captivating memes and inspirational pictures that contains text. However, if you want to edit your photos, you may need a different photo editing tool because this tool is not designed with a photo editor.

3. BeFunky

BeFunky is a user-friendly tool with a simple and modern design. It’s a free tool with three main options, namely, Design Feature, Collage Maker and Photo Editor. In any of these options, you can simply upload your pictures or free stock images that you want to edit.

To start adding text, you need to click on the Text icon and proceed to add your text. The Text editor allows you to adjust the text box position, edit the size, color and font size. If you want to access the more advanced features of adding text to your photos, you need to buy the upgrade options.

4. Fotor

Fotor comes with a free and Fotor Pro paid plan. It helps digital marketers who need YouTube thumbnails and amazing Facebook covers that contain text. You can use any of their three editing options such as Design, Collage and Edit to add text to your photos.

Click on the Text icon to add and edit your photo’s text. The tool allows you to format your text in any way you wish by adding headings and selecting the right fonts.

Final Thoughts On How To Add Text To Pictures

As long as you’re using the appropriate tools, adding text to your pictures is not a complicated task. You don’t need to hire professional designers or spend a lot of money in order to add the right text to your pictures. By following the right steps and investing in the right tools, the process of adding captions to pictures is very simple and affordable.