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How Becoming a Junglescout Affiliate Can Boost Your Blog Revenue

JungleScout is a collection of tools for Amazon sellers. Junglescout has an affiliate program that is free to join and pays out 10% commissions for every new registration. It has several avenues that you can use to earn as a blogger. Here is how joining the Junglescout affiliate program can boost your blog revenue.

How It Works

To join Junglescout you first need to get an affiliate account which is free. After approval to join the program, you can access an affiliate link which you will then share with Amazon sellers as well as other social media platforms through your site.

As a blogger, when you generate traffic through the link you share on your blog site or social media pages, you earn a 10% commission on sales which is paid in full.

Earning Options

Junglescout offers 10% commissions on every purchase made through your affiliate link. Furthermore, there’s no ceiling on how much you can earn. Affiliates have unlimited earning potential.

Therefore, the higher your influence and ability to encourage your followers to purchase, the higher you will earn, with no limit. However, the customer using your link must purchase within 8 days of clicking on the link.

Payments are usually made on the last day of every month or the nearest business day. There are several other ways to earn and grow with the affiliate program as you leverage the up-sell and cross-sell channels with every contact. Furthermore, it has a 90-day cookie period.

Track Conversions

One advantage of this unique platform is that you can track your conversions. There are many affiliate programs, some of which pay out good commissions. However, their integrity may be questionable when it comes to getting a commission for every single sale or referral.

On Junglescout, you receive a payment within 8 days of someone clicking and purchasing through your affiliate link. As soon as one of your followers clicks your link, the system adds cookies to their browser to track whether they make a purchase or not.

These cookies help you track every purchase made through your link. This boosts your earnings.

Final Thoughts On The Benefits Of Being A Junglescout Affiliate

With Junglescout, you can earn from sharing your link to external parties and encouraging them to buy through your affiliate link. However, there are stringent control measures and, as such, you cannot earn commissions by purchasing your own services or from sales earned through PPC advertising.

Junglescout is a credible affiliate marketing program that will help you monetize your blog. You’ll do especially well if you have readers who are Amazon sellers.