Konker: An SEO & Marketing Services Platform You Can Promote

Konker, a digital service market place, focuses exclusively on internet marketing related gigs. It offers graphic design, PBN links, citations, expired domains and social signals, among other things required in the digital marketing space.

Therefore, instead of finding and then training a virtual assistant, you can get the right gig on Konker. It originally started as a source market but grew steadily and quickly due to its close connection to the successful Source Wave Brand.

Its affiliate commission system has also been a huge contributor to its success as it offers some of the highest payouts in the market. Learn more about Konker below and how you can promote this SEO Marketing platform as an affiliate.

Understanding Konker

The Konker platform is easy to use and is standard in terms of online marketplaces. Users can browse each of the categories of services and gigs that have been created by sellers.

Moreover, it offers reviews and complete orders information that can help users sort the services. To offer individual user support, Konker has an active Facebook group that you can request to join.

In as much as it lacks a live chat for customer support, you’ll rarely encounter any problems that will require the need for support. Users will find vendors online on Konker. However, you need to be careful with vendors who offer poor quality.

Making Money As An Affiliate

There are diverse services on Konker and the quality has improved significantly. This makes it easier to drive traffic to the site as an affiliate. So how do you promote it?

First, you need to register online on the platform by providing your details and after confirming your email, you will be registered. Next, you need to set up your PayPal email with Konker. This will enable you to receive affiliate payments.

In the account settings on your user icon, you’ll find the icon to update PayPal. From there, you can find services to promote. If you want to succeed at affiliate marketing on Konker, find services that are in demand. The higher the demand, the higher the chances of finding traffic.

Among the services you can promote are SEO, web design, video creation, graphic design and many more. After you decide what you’d like to promote, go to the weekly best sellers page and select a seller.

It is important to pick well-established sellers to avoid promoting poor quality that will compromise your marketing.

Konker offers an affiliate solution for both SEO and marketing. When you have set up your account and selected appropriate services and sellers, you’re allowed to promote them on your Facebook pages, website, blog sites or any other platform where you have followers.

Konker offers very competitive rates and this is one reason why their affiliate program continues to grow. Furthermore, it uses the Google alerts method that notifies you every time someone posts a blog post, article or any form of content related to your niche.

You’ll get emails and hyperlinks to help you with this. Therefore, it’s easy for target marketing. Consequently, Konker is a platform that you should consider promoting as an affiliate.