naming a lifestyle blog

5 Top Tips For Naming A Lifestyle Blog

If your close friends and family members often turn to you for advice and latest styles or product ideas, consider starting a lifestyle blog. Monetize what you know about life through this blog. However, if you feel a bit stuck on coming up with an interesting name, consider these five top tips for naming a lifestyle blog.

1. Use Your Own Names

If you’re serious about talking about your life in your blog, consider a personal domain name. However, your name must be easy to spell and remember. This is a good idea if you don’t intend to exit the business of blogging about life at a later date.

Avoid using your own name if it’s difficult to spell. For example, if you have a difficult name like Kapmunthang Lethil, don’t use it. You can also include a catchy word along with your name to make it more enticing like Julie Sarinana’s blog called Sincerely Jules which is very popular.

2. Use Abbreviations

Sometimes you can succeed with a domain name that has abbreviations. There are popular domains with abbreviations such as and However, you must be extremely careful when coming up with abbreviations because your chances of building a brand using abbreviations is not that easy.

3. Create Made Up Words

Another great option is to try creating a list of made-up words to use for your domain name. A website such as is a great example of a popular site with made-up words in the domain name. Alternatively, try mashing two words together to create one word and come up with something similar to the website.

4. Use The Right Domain Name Extension

Since this is a lifestyle blog, you should consider settling for a .com extension. The .org, .biz, or .net extensions don’t sound good for a lifestyle blog. This is very crucial, especially if you want to buy a new domain name for your blog.

Country extensions such as .us are good if you’re sure that your blog’s audience will be from the United States only. You can also consider domain names with easy-to-spell and remember terms from your native language or common slangs.

In recent years, new ICANN extensions such as .pizza and .blog have become very popular, as well. These are great examples of possible options to consider using. However, these new domains may sound a bit confusing to older internet users.

5. Buy A New Domain

Buying a new domain is another viable option you should consider trying out. Avoid free domains from web hosting companies as it locks you to that single company. In case you want to change the host in the future it might cost you a lot to do so.

Conversely, when you buy the domain name from a separate company, it becomes much easier to transfer the domain and sell it. Some of the great platforms where you can find affordable domain names to buy include NameCheap and CrazyDomains.

It is important to consider buying the addon privacy protection for the privacy of your domain. Remember, when buying a domain name you predispose your personal information including email address and phone numbers. Spammers can access the information and start sending you spam messages.

Final Thoughts On Naming A Lifestyle Blog

Anyone who knows a thing or two about life can start and monetize a lifestyle blog. You need to come up with a brandable, chic blog name in order to grow faster. Ensure the name you choose reflects your personality and has the potential to grow with your online business.