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Why You Should Consider Promoting Nutritional Products As An Affiliate

One aspect that affiliates need to consider is the kind of products and services they choose to market. In this regard, promoting nutritional products as an affiliate is one of the areas that you should consider venturing into. As you probably know, nutrition has become and will continue to be, an influential part of today’s society.

Furthermore, people want to eat healthy in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, there are many nutrition-based companies today and they’re looking for affiliate marketers to market their products. As a result, nutritional products are a good source for you to make more money as an affiliate.

Here’s why you should consider promoting nutritional products on your affiliate site.

A Wider Audience Base

If you want to become an affiliate, you should join a program that will allow you to connect with a large audience. Furthermore, if you’re able to interact with a wider audience, you’ll be strategically positioned to succeed in your marketing efforts.

The nutrition market is attracting many people today, predominantly because of the increasing need for living healthy lifestyles. Therefore, this gives business owners an opportunity to provide nutritional products to the ready market.

As an affiliate, you’ll thrive from a ready audience who will be willing to make purchases. Therefore, the presence of a ready audience to promote your products should give you the confidence to try out nutritional products as an affiliate.

Rapid Growth Of The Nutrition Industry

Moreover, you should take note of the continued growth in the nutrition industry as you consider becoming an affiliate. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy grew from $3.7 trillion to a height of $4.2 trillion in 2017.

More statistics by Statista indicate that sports nutrition will grow to $81 billion in sales by the year 2023. Therefore, this is a clear indication of how the industry has been growing. Plus, the prospect of growing even more is evident.

With such growth, this is definitely a niche that you should invest your time and resources in. Thus take advantage of the growth in the nutrition industry to promote nutritional products as an affiliate.

Opportunity To Earn More Commission

Affiliates earn commissions for the conversions that stem from their promotions. The more conversions you make, the more you earn through commissions. That’s why it’s important to consider the products that you promote to improve your chances of making more money.

The good news is that nutritional products have the capacity to earn you more money because they’re in high demand. The demand and ready market for nutritional products should motivate you to promote them as an affiliate.

Programs You Should Consider Promoting

1. aSquared Nutrition

aSquared Nutrition offers high-end nutritional supplements made in the USA to FDA standards. They are constantly testing and adding new products to their range. You can promote them via Viglink and receive around 6.97% network commissions.

2. Nutrition53

Nutrition53 was founded by Super Bowl Champion, Bill Romanowski, and focuses on nutritional protein supplements and vitamins. They have their own affiliate program and you can find out more through this link. You can also promote them via Viglink.

3. Quantum Nutrition Labs

Quantum Nutrition Labs offers premium quality supplements and vitamins. They offer free shipping on all orders over $50 which is a positive aspect to promote when you’re writing up a review for their products. Their affiliate program is run through the Pepperjam Network. You can also promote and monetize links to these products via Viglink.

4. 180 Nutrition

180 Nutrition offers a range of natural superfood products such as vegan protein bars and collagen powder. Their website also has a well-populated blog so you can find plenty of information about their products. Plus they have an active Instagram profile. Their affiliate program is run by Commission Factory and offers 10% commission per sale and a 30-day cookie. You can also promote their products via Viglink.

5. Driven Nutrition

Driven Nutrition has a range of protein supplements in tantalizing flavors like Chocolate Milkshake, Fresh Cinnamon Roll and Fresh Lemonade. They also stock a range of Hemp extract CBD oil products. You can join their affiliate program through this link or use your Viglink plugin to promote their products.

6. HUM Nutrition

HUM Nutrition is run by qualified nutritionists and boasts a range of “clinically proven nutrients for hair, skin, body and mood”. Their product come in bottles with brightly colored labels and would appeal to your female readers. Plus, their retail site offers customers a 3-minute quiz which helps to personalize their product choices. You can promote their products via Viglink for a 14.99% commission.

7. Naked Nutrition

This is another company providing nutritional protein powders with main ingredients like whey, pea, brown rice and peanut butter. Their site also provides recipes and a forum. You can join their affiliate program directly and receive an 8% commission on every sale. They also offer a 30-day cookie. Your Viglink plugin can also monetize these product links if you don’t want to join their program directly.

8. Nutrition Forest

If you’re keen to write about and promote Garcinia Camgogia, you can try Nutrition Forest. They have a range of weight loss and detox products which are all FDA approved. Their affiliate program is run by Shareasale and offers up to 15% commission. Alternatively, you can promote their products through your Viglink plugin.

9. Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition specializes in personalized vitamin packs delivered monthly to customers. Therefore, this could be a great program for recurring commissions. Their affiliate program is run by Linkshare and you can get details here. Alternatively, you can promote their products using your Viglink plugin.

10. SHO Nutrition

SHO Nutrition sells easy to swallow vitamins in handy dispenser bottles with a daily tracking dial. They also have vitamins which are vegan approved such as pro-biotics. That’s another good selling point for these products. The easiest way to promote these products would be through your Viglink plugin.

Conclusion On Promoting Nutritional Products

As you can see, there are plenty of nutritional products that you can promote from many different companies. And most of them have their own unique features and benefits that you can write about in your articles.

Furthermore, as e-commerce continues to grow, affiliate marketing programs are also becoming more and more popular. Especially as brands seek to make more sales. As an affiliate, you’ll increase your earnings if you promote the right products to the right audience.

The demand for products and the niche you choose plays a vital role in the success of your marketing. For this reason, it’s vital to consider promoting nutritional products. This is because they have the capacity to increase your earnings considerably.