WordPress 5.0

Why You Should Embrace WordPress 5.0 And The New Gutenberg Editor

The new WordPress 5.0 is now out and its nucleus is the bold new editing experience known as Gutenberg. Most people might argue that WordPress should not change because it’s already great as it is.

However, many sites are now using visual editors such as Elementor and Visual Composer. WordPress has decided to get practical and have such functionality in its editor and Gutenberg is their choice editing tool.

Understanding The Gutenberg Editor

The new Gutenberg editor is based on WordPress and has been named after Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing press. It ensures that WordPress functions with ease and you don’t have to use shortcodes and HTML if you want to do anything special with it.

So many changes have occurred on the internet since WordPress was first developed. Wix was famous for introducing the well liked content block style writing and also brought about the emergence of numerous visual editors such as Elementor, Beaver Builder and others.

Hence, with the emergence of Gutenberg, WordPress is now integrating its own content block editor. So what changes does this new editor bring?

What Makes WordPress 5.0 And The Gutenberg Editor Ideal?

The Gutenberg editor is specifically for the purpose of enabling easy content blocks. It means that developers can now use it to easily create paths for themes that easily work with content blocks.

This is not unlike visual editors such as Elementor or Beaver Builder because the Gutenberg editor is a good platform for such layouts that can be created in a very manageable manner.

This will ensure that site load time decreases because huge content blocks no longer exist. Another reason to use the new Gutenberg editor is because it a very supportive editor for people looking to change themes.

Divi for example, contains an inbuilt content block making it difficult to change themes. If a theme does not support content blocks, it will still harmonize with the Gutenberg editor and will not require any alterations.

What this means is that you can use a theme that you prefer without the need for an option for a content builder and without having to use any independent or outside installations.

Gutenberg Is Adaptable To Mobile Platforms

One major advantage why you should embrace WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor is because of its compatibility for mobile devices. There are many content block plugins that are unable to function properly on different devices.

The Gutenberg editor is completely different because it has the capability to work on many platforms. These include desktops and most mobile devices. All the functionalities of the editor can operate on mobile platforms.

The major advantage with the Gutenberg editor is that it is a work in progress. Plus, WordPress is focusing a lot of attention on refurbishing and systematizing its major features.

There is no doubt that the development team at WordPress has done a good job of ensuring that users get a better experience. This is by ensuring that it’s uncomplicated and pleasurable to work with.

The fact that WordPress is open source makes it possible for users to personalize it according to their requirements. As the growth of mobile access to websites accelerates, having a WordPress editor that is functional on all devices is a huge plus.